Wot no mushrooms!?

We went up to the South Bank on Sunday to visit the Bankside Frost Fair, which was all very charming and we had a lovely day out.

We decided to do lunch in Pizza Express, simply because it’s nice and child-friendly and we know A will eat stuff from there. I ordered a pizza with a topping consisting of ham, mushroom, olives and sat back to await its arrival.

Unbelieveably, it turned up with an apology from the waitress, because they’d run out of mushrooms!

Yes, a pizza restaurant had run out of one of its staple topping ingredients.

Not only was I irritated because they neglected to mention this before they cooked the flippin’ thing, but then 10 minutes later, I spotted one of their waiting staff sneak back in to the restaurant with two Sainsbury’s carrier bags full of mushrooms!

To be honest, I’m not sure what sort of point I’m making here, but surely a restaurant such as PE should be able to work out how many pounds of mushrooms they need on an average weekend?

One thought on “Wot no mushrooms!?”

  1. don’t get me started. At their Camden branch, there was one table left, in a corner. Instead of seating us facing the room, they sat three of us facing a wall. A wall which was reeking of damp, and mouldy and bubbling with damp.

    They then forgot to give our order to the kitchen, so one of our party didn’t get any lunch. To be fair, they didn’t charge us for the wine, but that’s not the point, is it?

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