Customer service nightmare

little chefI went to a Little Chef at the weekend, which in retrospect probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do, but when you’re staying at a Travelodge and have a 16-month-old and need breakfast, there aren’t many options.

I’ll give them one thing – their marketing is fantastic. The breakfasts looked genuinely appealing and their prices have come down a lot.

Sadly, from the moment we walked through the door, things went wrong.

1) No member of staff greeted us and took us to a table. So, we took it upon ourselves to find a high chair and find a table.

2) We had to find our own menus – none were forthcoming from the “staff” – I use that word sparingly.

3) After having been at our table for 10 minutes, one of the boys on duty came over to tell us we were blocking the aisle with the high chair and we had to move. He took us to the other side of the “restaurant” and promptly blocked another aisle with the high chair. Good old ‘health and safety’, eh?

4) Once the orders were taken, it took roughly 20 minutes to cook four breakfasts. However, in the meantime, another table sent their food back, because it wasn’t cooked. It’s sausage and bacon, for goodness sake, how can you not cook it properly?

5) Every time someone paid, the staff had to get the ticket from the chef and then decipher what each person had ordered. It took five blokes 10 minutes to pay for breakfast!

6) Their staffing policy is abominable: no-one seemed to be in charge, in fact I’m not sure there was a manager. Those on duty looked as if they’d just left nursery and couldn’t have looked less happy if they were standing in front of a firing squad. I know it can’t be much fun to be working at a Little Chef at 8am on a Sunday morning, but at least try to look as if you’re enthused.

7) Did we consider complaining? We did, but realised it wouldn’t have got us anywhere. The food, which was actually fairly OK, wouldn’t have reached us any quicker. The staff wouldn’t have magically cheered up and the service wouldn’t have been any quicker. We might have got a fiver off our meal, but that’s hardly recompense for a dismal experience.

All in all, very depressing. I know Little Chef have had problems recently and almost shut down for good. Well, on the evidence of this, perhaps they should do just that. I certainly won’t be going back for a long time.

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  1. Rob,

    The last time I went to Little Chef (and it will be the last time), I made the mistake of staying. The food was horrendous and their “new! lower priced coffee” was horrible. This place actually thinks they can charge £1.79 for instant coffee!! They’re insane.

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s had even experiences with this chain that just needs to die.

  2. I find a letter to the MD of the company works like a charm in general. I’d ask for my money back at least.

    And if the staff hate their jobs so much, get some qualifications and go and work somewhere else. They obviously haven’t twigged that if they were nice to people, they’d earn more tips!

  3. Rob
    I’d rather eat from the bin than eat at a Little Chef. The food is guaranteed to be of the most appalling quality… the staff of the most bitter disposition. Always wait and find a non-chain place instead.

  4. Thanks for all your comments. I think we knew what we were letting ourselves in for, before we went, but there were extenuating circumstances.

    I have actually made my feelings known about their service via their website and pointed them in the direction of this blog. Whether I get any sort of response will be interesting, but suffice to say, I shall publish anything they say to me!

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