A sad day

Yesterday I had the awful experience of going to my cousin’s funeral – she was only 33 when she died on 30 December.

It all happened very suddenly and was obviously a huge shock, not least for her husband and immediate family.

The thing about going to any funeral of someone who isn’t ‘old’ or who hasn’t had a long illness is that it makes you look at your own life and those closest to you.

The thought of leaving behind my dearly beloved and two daughters is a sobering thought. Indeed as C and I both agreed last night, we both used to be quite unfazed by the thought of death, but having kids changes them totally.

The other thing that occurred to me is how difficult it is to ‘celebrate’ someone’s life on the day of a funeral.

Yes, you can remember all the things about them you loved and the memories that you will treasure long after they’ve gone, but however hard you try, it is always a day of deep sorrow.


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