The fear factor

Diabetes UK logoThe lovely people from Diabetes UK came into our building the other day to raise awareness of the condition.

Their other aim was to promote the fact that you can go to any Lloyds Pharmacy and get a free diabetes test.

I stepped up to get my finger pricked and it was only once I’d sat down and was holding out my middle digit out that a sudden fear swept over me. What if the test showed my bloody sugar levels are sky high.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case but this fear nagged away at me for the rest of the day. I’m not just talking about diabetes, rather the potential to fall prey to any illness, condition or disease.

Hypochondria this isn’t, more a realisation that I am getting older and have kids, which adds an extra responsibility to my health and wellbeing.

Ten years ago, I really didn’t worry about death. I’m not suggesting I was fearless. The reality is that I just had that 20-something malaise that it’s unlikely to happen to me.

Now, I’m edging closer to 40 and know that my peak years of health and fitness are long gone.

The descent into niggles, aches and pains has started and with it comes the knowledge that every time I take a test for anything I’m more likely to return a detrimental result.

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