You know you’re getting old when… Part 4: Glasvegas

GlasvegasI was sitting at my desk last week when my much younger work colleague Charlotte came back from lunch in a state of high excitement.

‘Omigod!’ she squealed. ‘I’ve just seen Glasvegas in the canteen!’

My immediate reaction was ‘Glaswho?’ And then I quickly realised that I am yet again losing touch with modern popular culture.

Glasvegas for all you other suitably wizened readers are a popular Scottish beat combo who are rather cool and hip with the young music-listening fraternity.

Naturally, since I heard the name Glasvegas I have seen them everywhere – albums reviewed in newspapers, referenced on TV, posters… still haven’t heard their music, though, and I would NEVER be able to recognise them if they sat next to me in the staff canteen!

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One thought on “You know you’re getting old when… Part 4: Glasvegas”

  1. I KNOW!! I feel the same way if I open a celeb mag or see an awards ceremony, I don’t know who anyone really is. Mind you, all these popular beat combos all look the same to me, and have for the last 43 years…

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