It’s all about the voice – Scott Walker

I was out in the pub with my ‘music mate’ Dave and we were discussing our specific favourite artists.

He’s a biiiiiiig Neil Young fan – so much so that he went to see him 4 nights on the trot recently – while we share a love of Cat Power, and he also worships at the altar of Bob Dylan.

I tend to fall down on the side of the likes of Nick Drake, Richard Hawley, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush.

Then, Dave made the most astute observation about my tastes that I had never spotted before.

“It’s all about the voice with you, isn’t it?”

My god, of course it is. That’s why I love the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Regina Spektor and Scott Walker, as well. And that’s why I’m giving you this fantastic opening track from Scott 2 to listen to – Jackie.

Listen and revel in the warmth and velvety richness of Walker’s voice – wonderful!

2 thoughts on “It’s all about the voice – Scott Walker”

  1. if it’s all about the voice with you, you should check out both Johnny Hartman (esp his album with John Coltrane) and Kurt Elling (esp his latest album, Nightmoves). amaaaazing singers, amaaaaazing voices :-).

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