Fight, fight, fight

A boxing gloveThere’s a real guilty pleasure in looking up your own name on the Internet.

If you say you haven’t done it, I don’t believe you. It’s got real curiosity value, if only to find out who nicked your domain name if you missed out.

In my case, it’s some Stockcar Racing Champion in the States… weird.

Anyway, I’ve been having huge fun recently with the new game that takes that to the next level: the one and only Googlefight.

Basically, you choose any two things, people, whatever and the site tots up the number of Google pages for each and declares which one’s the winner.

For example: Jennifer Aniston v Angelina Jolie. The big-lipped former Tomb Raider shades it with 32m to Jen’s 15m.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher beats little brother Liam with 987k to 637k.

Go on, have a go… you’ll be hooked!

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