In defence of Carla Bruni

Carla BruniThere has been a lot of news coverage of the state visit of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni to the UK.

It just so happens that pictures of a nude Ms Bruni are being sold at auction to coincide with the visit and she she has also been accused of cashing in in other ways.

Now, clearly Carla Bruni is a model and there are bound to be pictures of her in various provocative poses, something that’s not exactly a surprise.

But I wish more people knew about her fantastic and burgeoning music career. Last year, she put out a beautiful album called Promises on which she puts famous poetry to music.

To give you an idea of how lovely and dreamy she sounds, this is I Felt My Life With Both My Hands, her version of the Emily Dickinson poem.

2 thoughts on “In defence of Carla Bruni”

  1. I guess you must be American to understand that the nude pictures actually were headline news… in the US. You are right, she is or was a model. End of story. And only Americans make a whole new story out of it. Based on what? Since I live in Europe, I read the newspapers too. It was about a nude picture being sold. End of story. It wasn’t even on the television over here because, well, it’s simply NOT NEWS. Obviously some people do not know the difference between ‘bringing’ the news and ‘making’ the news. Too bad I had to read this “news” on CNN. So maybe CNN should leave this kind of reporting to professionals, like Fox 😉

  2. Oh no, I’m as British as they come, Mister B.

    There’s been a lot of coverage of the marriage of Mr Sarkozy and Ms Bruni and allusion to her previous life as a model.

    Admittedly, the sanctimony to which I object has come from the right-wing newspapers in the UK, such as The Daily Mail. Having said that, the ‘story’ about the picture being sold even made it on to the BBC News at Ten last night, so make of that what you will.

    I think it’s a lot of fuss about nothing, but certain elements of the media in the UK need to have something to write about. ;o)

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