Omid Djalili – just not funny!

Omid DjaliliWe had our company awards bash last night and the compere was none other than Omid Djalili – a man who I generally find very funny.

Sadly, last night he fell flatter than an apartment block in South London and just wasn’t funny.

Awards gigs are a tough job. Sure the comic can go on and do some of their normal routine, but the audience also hopes that the funnyman will make some hilarious references to your job and where you work.

For some unknown reason, Mr Djalili didn’t make any effort to do that at all.

In fact, he seemed even more desperate than normal to play his ‘race’ card. All his jokes were about what it’s like to be an Iranian… jokes that I’ve heard him tell on numerous other occasions, when he’s appeared on TV or radio.

Sure, as journalists we’re probably slightly more cynical than many audiences, but fundamentally we just want to laugh and we’d had enough wine to get us in the mood for a good giggle.

And I’ve seen enough other comedians bring the house down at events such as last night, so it’s not an impossible job.

I can’t believe that this is Omid Djalili’s first big corporate gig, so let’s just say many of us were slightly disappointed!

3 thoughts on “Omid Djalili – just not funny!”

  1. I once saw Rob Bryson – who I rather like – be really pants at a corporate thingy. I do think that corporations book the flavour of the month, regardless of suitability, and for a lot of money, and I think it#s money for old rope. I like Omid as a bloke, but the ‘I’m Iranian’ schtick wears very very thin, very very fast. I hope others learn from your company’s experience!

  2. I think it’s good that you posted this. It shows that ordinary people with jobs whose companies fork out for comedians should be respected because they are part of the audience. Having access to an audience yourself makes it necessarily for all gigs to be taken professionally. And when they aren’t you should let people know.

  3. Sadly, I doubt Omid’s agent will catch my blog, although the general consensus across the company was that he was a bit of a letdown, so here’s hoping they go with someone a little better – or even change the format – next year

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