Bill Oddie’s Bird Food

Bill OddieBill Oddie is as well-known now for presenting Springwatch on BBC2 and being the acceptable face of birdwatching than as a comic in the 70s and one third of The Goodies.

And it seems as though Bill is now cashing in on his more recent flush of success with a range of Really Wild bird food on sale in all good garden centres and pet shops.

When I went to my local garden centre yesterday, you couldn’t miss it, sitting on a stand emblazoned with his face and all manner of bird food products, including bird seed, suet pellets, bird cake… the list seems endless.

Bill seems to be following in the footsteps of the likes of Barry Norman with his own branded product.

I interviewed Bill Oddie a few years ago and he was a very genial chap, kinda exactly what you see on the TV.

In fact, his one big beef seemed to be that the BBC never truly accepted The Goodies for being anything more than a kids’ programme and, in spite of its success, he had no qualms about the trio’s decision to defect to ITV for the final series.

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