The Apprentice: Likely Lads all over again

Raef - fired from The ApprenticeI love The Apprentice – it always takes me a while to ‘warm’ to the characters every year (and let’s face it, it’s tough to warm to some of the egos that apply to the show), but it’s far more entertaining than many other ‘reality’ shows on TV.

I also adore Sky+ – as anyone who has it knows, it’s revolutionised TV watching and means in our house we never face a night being forced to watch 10 Years Younger or Pet Rescue or some other such naff ‘lifestyle’ programme.

Unfortunately, The Apprentice and Sky+ aren’t happy bed-partners, as it were.

For various reasons this series, I’ve not been able to watch The Apprentice on the night. Yesterday, for example, The Champions League final was on, so I decided to watch that in preference.

Now, I don’t actively try to avoid knowing who’s been fired if I don’t watch it straightaway, unlike The Likely Lads in the famous episode from the 70s, when they spend all day avoiding news about the result of the England football match, only to find out it was called off because of a waterlogged pitch.

But this morning, as soon as I turned on the radio, the DJ immediately started talking about last night’s episode and gave the game away. Aaarrgghh!

I know there’s more to it than the firing, but knowing who it is before you start simply means that you know which team loses and it spoils everything.

Anyway, I felt a bit sorry for Raef. It seemed to me that Sirallan took against him because he was posh, no matter what he might say. I think Michael deserved to go far more, especially after Kosher-gate the other week!

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