Anthony Head’s right hand

Anthony HeadOne of the joys (or downsides, depending on your view) of the burgeoning celebrity culture over the past few years is the little snippets of trivia about famous people that you probably wouldn’t otherwise know.

So we know about Liam Gallagher’s extra toe, Ashton Kutcher’s webbed feet and Kate Bosworth’s different-coloured eyes.

And now, thanks to Holy Moly, we know about Anthony Head‘s damaged right hand.

Yes, the man from the Gold Blend ads, Buffy or Little Britain, depending on your awareness, apparently has a damaged hand and makes a very subtle, yet concerted effort not to get it into shot.

And the fortunate thing was that Anthony Head appeared as a guest on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross that same evening.

We spent ages trying to catch a glimpse of his hand and, amazingly enough, it was almost impossible to do so, because he does indeed keep it out of sight.

More amusing was the fact that I then spotted other people on talkboards discussing the very same thing. It was clearly a new piece of gossip for many people. Ah, the power of the internet!

It clearly hasn’t harmed his career, so it can’t be that terrible. Good luck to him!

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Head’s right hand”

  1. James Doohan was another actor who had a damaged hand and did alright. His middle right finger was blown off in WW2. He kept it hidden but you can see that it is missing in several of the Star Trek episodes as well as several of the movies.

  2. I didn’t know that one, Roisin – I’m going to look out for it the next time I catch an episode of Star Trek!

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