Dancing with the Primrose Hill Mob

Rhys IfansLast night my wonderful other half, C, got to have a night out on her own and went up to the ‘cool’ part of town to see a gig with a friend of hers.

But this wasn’t any ordinary gig. Oh no, it was The Peth. For those of you not quite up-to-date with their rock trivia, The Peth is a new outfit fronted by none other than Rhys Ifans and also including Super Furry Animals Dafydd Ieuan.

Ifans used to be in an early incarnation of the SFA with Ieuan, so this isn’t exactly a complete change of direction, but they’re now doing a mini tour and played an intimate little gig last night at the Hoxton Bar & Grill in Hoxton Square.

Apparently they came on at about 10pm and, according to C, Rhys Ifans is a pretty convincing front man who’s “really working the whole Mick Jagger thing”.

It would have been nice to go myself, but sadly babysitting duties meant I stayed at home. The evening took a slightly surreal turn for me, though, when I got a couple of texts at about 11.30m from C.

Just been dancing next to Kate Moss and Sadie Frost

My reply was: ‘I don’t know what to say to that’, to which C replied:

Just been for wee with Samantha Morton

You can’t really top that, can you?

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