Lose the stickers

AppleOK, so the picture on the left is pretty crap, but I think you can tell what I’m getting at.

Why is it that every single individual piece of fruit now has to have its own special sticker? We’re not talking the branding ones like ‘Cape’ or ‘Zespri’, just the ones with number and name.

I know it’s to help staff differentiate between varieties of fruit, but does every single piece need its own identifier? Think of the manpower, adhesive and paper being wasted just to put it on.

It must be like being in The Prisoner in the apple section of Sainsbury’s. There’s probably one lonely Braeburn desperate to break free of the plastic bag and scream, “I am not a number, I’m an apple!”

4 thoughts on “Lose the stickers”

  1. In my experience,every bit of fruit or veg needs a sticker because the kids on the till don’t know what they are – a lime and a sweet potato are the latest contestants in my game of Name That Food,…

  2. Ha, ha. Mind you, a kid on one of the fruit and veg stalls in Borough Market didn’t recognise Pak Choi the other week. You can understand it in Sainsbury’s, but in Borough!?!

  3. Sweet christ on a bike. So it’s come to this – offbeat musings on parenthood and the environmental damage caused by stickers on fruit in JS.

    I suggest you need to get your arse up to bradford for a beer, pronto. I was going to wait until I’m next down in London, but your slender grip on sanity suggests we shouldn’t wait that long….

  4. As eloquent as ever, PB!

    I’m glad you consider them offbeat, but let’s face it, no-one in their right mind is going to deliberately make a trip to Bradford, are they? Even with the promise of free beer!

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