Clap hands for singletons*

So you’ve managed to get a dose of herpes and aren’t currently dating. What on earth do you do?

Do you forget the idea of finding the ideal man or woman? Well, not any more, because the first dating site for STI sufferers has launched.

Date Positive is for the 1.8 million people out there who’ve been to a GUM clinic and have to be a little bit careful what they do when they get down to some duvet action.

Let’s face it, it must be tough for these people. Imagine going on a date with someone and them telling you over the creme brûlée that they’ve got HPV.

Mind you, it’d probably be preferable than finding out they really like listening to Celine Dion.

* No, I’m not sure the joke works either, but hey I tried

2 thoughts on “Clap hands for singletons*”

  1. Be fair, the bloke I am currently seeing has herpes. He told me before we slept together for the first time (we used a condom, of course), and frankly, I don’t give a flying fart because I am mad about him. I’ve never had an STI, and don’t see why my man’s ought to worry me as long as we’re careful.

  2. You’re right. A liking for Celine Dion is far more troubling.

    Though we can put a stop to it – if we all stop having sex with people who like Celine Dion, then ultimately it might die out.

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