What a difference a bed makes

New bed

Big changes in the Mansfield household as A moved into her new bed at the weekend.

The cot was banished to the loft – after much cursing and swearing by me – and the new sleeping arrangments were put in place.

Naturally, it’s not just any bed – it’s an Upsy Daisy bed from In The Night Garden. And A was ecstatic about it and spent most of Saturday getting in and out and wanting to get ‘under the covers’.

So, with all the joy you’d imagine that she’d have been desperate to get in it come bedtime on Saturday evening, wouldn’t you? Not a bit of it.

Exactly the opposite. The old maxim of ‘we don’t like change, do we?’ came into play and she got a bit freaked out. Only to be expected, really.

Anyway, fortunately Sunday night was far better and so hopefully we’ve cleared the ‘new bed’ hurdle.

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