X Factor: could the running order be to blame?

X Factor logoSo poor old Austin was booted off of X Factor on Saturday.

I must admit I was quite surprised. I think he’s got a cracking voice and so has Rachel, who joined him in the vote-off. So why were two of the best singers in the competition in the bottom two? Where was Daniel Evans, who is pretty cheesy – let’s face it!

And then I stumbled on the answer. The order they sing in. Who were the first two people to sing on Saturday night? None other than Rachel and Austin.

It doesn’t matter that they show the update/refresher at the end – if you’ve suffered 80 minutes of X Factor, you’re mainly going to remember the most recent singers, not the early ones.

Still not convinced? Look at the previous week. Who ended up in the bottom two? Scott (who was voted off) and Daniel.

Who were the first two people to sing? Scott and Daniel…

I await this week’s running order and outcome with interest!

One thought on “X Factor: could the running order be to blame?”

  1. Laura was robbed !

    Fecking Daniel needs to go ASAP ( even as a fellow ginge – I can’t show solidarity with someone as talentless as him )

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