Now Christmas has really started!

Christmas treeNo matter how many adverts I see on TV, how many times radio stations play Wham!’s Last Christmas or the number of presents I have/haven’t bought it never really feels like Christmas until the tree is up.

Yesterday, we tootled down the road to a man selling trees from the car park in the local pub. There was no variation in price depending on how much taller some were than others, so we had a look round and, amazingly, found one very, very quickly.

C was happy because it was the tallest one we’ve ever had, A was happy simply because it was a Christmas tree and I was happy because it was a good deal!

Back home, the decorations came out, the lights went up, baubles were hung – much to A’s excitement (see photo) and suddenly it was Christmas in our household.

I even spent an hour or two making some Christmas cards last night – a first for me! Roll on the 25th…

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