The evolution of the teapot

I’ve always loved teapots. In fact, the whole process of making tea is something I really enjoy and the art of producing a good cuppa seems to be disappearing rapidly.

As a kid, we always used proper tea leaves and a tea strainer. Always warmed the pot first and made sure the tea cosy got stuck on top to keep the resulting liquid warm.

I don’t think I ever used a teabag until I was about 16 and even though I totally understand the convenience of them now, I get a pang of nostalgia when I go to a proper tea shop and am served with a proper pot of tea.

Seeing the design of the Sorapot is actually quite exciting. The fact that someone’s bothered to put their design abilities into making something that is effectively an anachronism makes me warm inside.

It’s obviously a teapot, yet it’s also a piece of art in its own way.

If you’re intrigued by the Sorapot, then this video will explain how it works in a bit more detail.

Sorapot instructions from Joey Roth on Vimeo.

As for me, I think i’m going to be heading off to the supermarket for some proper loose tea after work!

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