Meet the Piranha

To my mind, tools and pocket gadgets are one of the few things that most men find particularly enticing.

We all remember our first proper Swiss Army knife (mine was engraved with my name) and even if we don't carry one around on our keyring any longer, there's something irresistible about a tool.

Step forward the latest kid off the block, the Piranha – a chunky, heat-resistant sheet of metal, fashioned into a tool that is packed with uses.

It has the ubiqiuitous bottle opener, as well as a wrench, screwdriver, spanner and much more.

The Piranha doesn't have the elegance of a Leatherman, or the heritage of the Swiss Army knife, but it does have raw strength.

It's chunky, robust and, well, manly. Guaranteed to make any male feel better about himself.

Currently, it's only available in the States for $49, but I can't believe it won't be hopping over the Atlantic very soon.

Buy the Piranha at

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