Day out with nature at Woods Mill

We took a trip to the beautiful Woods Mill Nature Reserve this afternoon.

Woods Mill is the HQ of of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and it’s so refreshing to visit a place that is pure nature and nothing else. It costs nothing to get in and there are no gift shops or overpriced cafes on site – just a picnic spot.

One of the most entertaining parts of Woods Mill is watching the carp go into a mad frenzy, when you feed them.

We took along some stale pitta bread and I filmed the fish as it hit the water. The outcome is something akin to piranhas feeding on meat in the Amazon – without the obvious bloodshed.

It was also interesting to read that the team at Sussex Wildlife Trust have to manually look after the reed beds that attract migrating reed warblers from the Sahara every May.

If they didn’t cut down the reeds regularly and keep the water content high, the surrounding woods would encroach and the natural habitat would be lost.

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