How to market classic books brilliantly

As proper books fight the inevitable march of their digital companions, it remains obvious that the way to keep the real thing afloat is by making them appealing and interesting, no matter that the content is no different.

Penguin scored a coup in the mid-90s with their Penguin 60s, to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Now, step forward this genius set of repackaged classics from Tank Magazine.

Styled in the guise of good old-fashioned flip-top cigarette packets, you can buy these novels, including Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, in a special Tankbooks tin.

What’s not to like about these? Brilliant marketing, in my opinion. Using out-of-copyright books, there’s no costs involved with rights, so you can plough more money into the design and feel.

The books costs £42 altogether in the tin, or £8 per book, if you buy individually.

More info from Tankbooks

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