Shed of the Year 2010

Winner of Shed of the Year 2010

Sheds have become fashionable in recent years, haven’t they? Gone are the days when a shed was somewhere to keep your lawnmower, assorted collection of tools, some plant pots and the rusting barbecue.

In the modern age, many men have foregone their competitive streak when it comes to cars and diverted it towards the bottom of the garden.

Not only must they be a comfortable place to sit, so they can escape the FPO*, they need Wifi, a collection of boys toys, and all sorts of other paraphernalia.

This year’s Shed of the Year has been won by Reg Miller from Southend, who named his rather elaborate construction The Lady Sarah out of Worthing, after his dear lady wife.

You can find out more about Reg’s shed and see more pics over on Shedblog

There’s a whole Shed community out there, too: Readers’ Sheds

(*Fun Prevention Officer)



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