Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Snowy back garden
It started about 7am where we live (which probably tells you more about my life with kids than my weather forecasting skills).

At first, I assumed it would be one of those pitiful attempts at snow, which vanished within minutes.

But no! By the time the above photo was taken an hour later (just after 8am), it had begun to settle big time.

It really does look very Christmas card-like and I almost dug out the Rat Pack At Christmas album, but then realised I couldn’t face the references to figgy pudding, holly and Rudolph!

Now, there will inevitably be choruses up and down the land of: ‘Goodness, how unusual for it to snow at this time of year,’ and these people would actually be wrong.

How do I know this (not being related to Ian McCaskill or Michael Fish)? Well, tomorrow is C’s birthday and she can remember loads of occasions when it seemed like winter at this time of year.

Memories of winter tend to stick around your birthday, don’t they?

Anyway, let’s enjoy it while it lasts and hope for a little bit of sun this summer, as well!

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