C.W. Stoneking – has to be seen and heard to be believed

In a rare escape from the sofa on a Monday evening, I ventured out to the Hydrant on London Road, Brighton last night to enjoy the wondrous talents of CW Stoneking.

Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Stoneking channels the spirit of 1920s Louisiana and Mississippi blues, with his extraordinary voice and technically gifted banjo playing.

CW Stoneking ticket

Backed by his ‘Primitive Horn Orchestra’, he puts together a quite remarkable show, full of dry, witty inter-song banter, tunes to dance to and an atmosphere that wouldn’t be out of place on Main St, New Orleans.

Close your eyes when you’re watching him live and you find yourself transported, such is the realistic nature of the experience.

The above video doesn’t really do justice to his act – which has admittedly been criticised for being a little too knowing and arch, but then when did Bruce Springsteen ever work on a factory line?

If you get the chance to go and see this guy, do. It reminded me of the true pleasure of the ‘live’ experience, rather than the mundane, in-ear iPod listening that most of us do every day.

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