I had a dream last night…

Mark EllenI woke up this morning in a cold sweat, but I had to share this, if only to get it off my chest.

I actually dreamed about going to something that resembled The Word magazine’s Christmas party.

Although a subscriber, I’m not connected to these people at all, so it’s quite strange to find myself coming up with something like this!

Now bear with me, because dreams aren’t exactly structured. It was at some sort of stately home outside London and the special guest was either Van Morrison or Bruce Springsteen – I know there’s no resemblance between the two, but they weren’t the main focus of the dream.

As they came on stage they were flanked by none other than Mark Ellen playing the saxophone and David Hepworth with a bass slung around his neck. Sadly, my dream wasn’t auditory so I can’t vouch for their musical prowess.

After the gig, everyone started filtering home and I was collared by Mr Ellen who was desperate for booze. He ordered me to go to the nearest supermarket and pick up some lager for him and Guy Garvey, who was also there – and make sure it was a 6-pack.

I was also told not to get any elderflower cider because Garvey hates it after having it last time he was a Word party.

After finding alcohol, we headed for the station to catch a train back to London.

We literally just missed the train by seconds, only to see David Hepworth gleefully waving from the window.

We then managed to miss every train for the next two hours with Mr Ellen getting progressively drunker and laughing louder and louder and me getting more and more stressed out at not being able to get home. At that point, I finally woke up!

Scary or very close to the truth? I’m not sure…

Any resemblance to the behaviour of people featured in the real world is totally unintended and a complete coincidence

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