Why the countdown to the X Factor final 12 is a farce

X Factor logoThis evening the ‘FINAL 12’ were finally revealed on X Factor.

As with every episode of ‘reality TV’, the tension was palpable. Who would it be? What would happen next?

Sadly, if you’d been watching over the last few weeks, hardly a single choice was a surprise. The backstory and the amount of time they spend talking and focussing on the contestants is in direct proportion to the likelihood that they’ll get through.

As an example, a couple of boys and a couple of the groups had hardly been given enough air time for the audience to know their names, let alone find out if they could sing properly.

As always, ITV managed to stretch out the show to over an hour, when, in reality it should have taken around 30 minutes, pullling the heartstrings as far as they could without completely annoyiing the audience.

And it also proved KT Tunstall’s point from today’s Mail that the show is not at all about the music business, but pure entertainment. There was hardly a note sang all night.

Anyway, a couple of gripes from me is hardly going to dent the show’s success, but I do wish sometimes, the programme-makers would credit the audience with a little bit of intelligence.

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