What I’ve read this week… 2 March 2013

This is the second of my weekly round-ups – a motley collection of the silly, serious and surprising

1 Black Mirror reality

The first episode of the second series of Black Mirror realised the prospect of a person living on after their death, through the power of social media.

It’s clearly meant to be futuristic horror, but it may not be as fantastic as it seems.
Read this piece from Salon.com and you’ll understand why
(via @moriza)

2 Stranger danger?

Making friends online has had its ups and downs. Time was you were looked at like a weirdo if you met someone ‘who you met on the Internet’.

Now online dating is commonplace, but there are quite a few recent examples of people being duped into believing into talking to someone completely different.
The modern reality of online friendships

3 Product placement

Brands have been trying to worm their way into stories for years – gone are the cheesy ways it was done in the 1950s. Nowadays, it seems far more forced – see recent Bond movies for example.

– Here’s a really interesting essay on the rise and fall of product placement

4 We made it earlier

Blue Peter is one of the longest-running TV programmes and part of many UK children’s formative years. Last week, The Guardian ran a couple of lovely interviews with former presenter Sarah Greene and producer Biddy Baxter.
Here’s the article

5 Power to the people

From Only Fools and Horses to, ahem, Up The Elephant and Down The Castle, London has been the setting for countless TV sitcoms. Ever wondered exactly where all those sitcoms were based?

Wonder no longer

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