What I’ve read this week… 21st Feb 2013

I’ve realised I read such a lot of interesting stuff every week that I want to document it.

Here’s the first in a hopefully-fairly regular series of weekly round-ups.

Enjoy 🙂

1) Big Data? Meh!

The wonderful Stowe Boyd is a great person to follow on Twitter and his take on 2013’s buzzword, ie Big Data is more than a little interesting.
Read Stowe’s view on Big Data

2. Fair comment?

It’s fair to say that comments and commenters have becomes something of a challenge for lots of sites. However, rather than limit their scope, some sites are going further, including Gawker’s Nick Denton.
How to do something different with comments
(Thanks to Will McInnes from the rather good NixonMcInnes for this link.)

3. Vine inspiration

So Twitter’s new Vine video application has taken the web by storm over the past few weeks, as everyone strives to create the best 6-second clips they can to sell their message/product /story, etc.

But surely there are ways to produce the best Vine video, aren’t there? Here’s psychology to give us the answers.
What Cognitive Psychology can teach us about creating effective Vine Videos
(Thanks to Katie Moffat for this link)

4. Leading questions

We’ve all worked under some rubbish managers and felt depressed by the leadership in an organisation.

But how do you become a good leader and what are the pre-requisites for being one? Harvard (where else?) has come to the rescues.
How bad leaders became good leaders
(Thanks to Richard Tyrie for the link)

5. Lost in time

I’ve seen this list before, but this is a really nice infographic to display it better.

Basically, here are 50 things we don’t (or rarely) do any more, thanks to advancements in technology. Reminisce at your own leisure.
Infographic of the week

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