Personal space

Does everyone have a personal space issue, or not? I accept that a lot of trains, buses and trains have extremely narrow seats, but does this mean that everyone has to tut whenever the person next to them touches them, or gets slightly too close?

In fact, I want to know if it’s generally a London thing, or if it’s something that people suffer from the world over.

So, we all have to take public transport at some point and we surely have to accept that this means we have to get close to people we aren’t well acquainted with. In which case, get over your personal issues.

There’s no real reason why this came to me today – I have to cope with different types, sizes and species of people every day on my journey to and from work and have no problem sitting next to people. Probably just a London thing…

Oh bugger, they’ve sent in the balloons!

Count ZeppelinGet this! In Russia, they’re having trouble keeping the criminals down, so what have they invested in? Hi-tech computer systems to track the malefactors? More manpower to flood the streets with? Don’t be silly, this is Russia we’re talking about.

Nooo, what they’ve done is bought a couple of new vehicles for the force. But we’re not talking zhigulis, or Ladas – they’ve put a ton of roubles behind five zeppelins. Yup, you read that right. Those big pointy balloon things that are so inexorably connected with Stairways to Heaven, cricket at Lords and explosions after WW1.

I bet the Russian Mafia were shaking in their boots when they read Pravda that morning! Pheweee – perhaps Scotland Yard are looking into bringing back Penny Farthings were the bobbies on the beat. You can just see it now, can’t you?

“Office Karkov, there is a man mugging a lady on Nevsky Prospect.”
“Certainly, sir, I’ll just get Officer Titov and head off down there in the Zeppelin.”

I rest my case!

Can I help you, sir…?

Bugaboo GeckoSo we went to buy some stuff from Mothercare this weekend for the new baby. Fortunately we knew what we wanted. because that way we didn’t have to deal with the nightmare that is… WEEKEND SALES STAFF!

Now I understand that when you’re at school or college that you need to earn some extra cash. Goodness knows I spent enough years toiling away at the Garden Centre to realise that. And working at somewhere like Mothercare is as good a place as any. A lot of the customers in there are usually happy – especially if they’re expectant mothers and fathers.

And what’s important is knowledge and availability – something that seemed distinctly lacking. Never anyone to talk to, never anyone who knew what they were doing and generally, everything was all over the place.

And the thing is, I’ve noticed over the years that staffing abilities at weekends in stores is generally appalling. I’m not going to diss all younger workers, because often they’re some of the best. It’s the ones who clearly have absolutely no idea, and utter lack of wherewithal and inability to know the products they’re selling or the job they’re clearly being paid to do. Perhaps, they’re so pissed off at the weekly wage, they’ve decided to go on strike while at work. Or maybe the Union Of Bored Saturday Workers orders their members to do as little as possible to uphold the reputation.

Just irritating…