How to make your evergreen content work for you

This Tuesday I spoke at the Marketing Week Content Strategy 2.0 Conference about the power of evergreen content and why you need to make more of it.

The Italian polymath Vilfredo Pareto came up with his famous principle in 1906 that says that 80% of your output comes from just 20% of the effort.

In content terms, on your website there will be those key pages or sections that make up the bulk of your traffic.

And yet many of us ignore them and fail to sanity check them or try to optimise them, preferring to focus on ‘shiny’ new campaigns.
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Do all brands have to be human in their communications?

My mate Rob tweeted a spectacularly cold and impersonal text message from his insurance company the other day, asking quite understandably where the ‘humanity’ was in this particular brand.

One of the replies we got (after my retweet) was as follows

As a believer in companies having a strong tone and voice, Oliver’s reply made me stop and think. Obviously, insurance isn’t a sexy or even particularly personal industry, but does that absolve those sorts of companies from being ‘human’ in their communications? Continue reading “Do all brands have to be human in their communications?”

The secret behind contagious content

I took part at an event organised by PR Moment around the concept of ‘contagious content‘ (or viral marketing) on Wednesday.

What motivates popularity, shareability and is it actually worth it?

Big data

Anna Salter from Kantar Media provided the data, neatly summed up in a handy acronym that defines the perfect storm of viral marketing: REACH – Relevance; Emotion; Ambience; Currency; Handiness.

If you tick these 5 boxes, then you’re in with a chance of a hit.

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