Silly season: “Lord Lucan” spotted

Surprise, surprise, it’s a quiet news month, so a story that Lord Lucan is alive and well and living in a van in New Zealand as “Roger”, with only a possum for company takes centre stage…

This man who was thought to be Lucan has admitted that he’s on the run, but is not the former ennobled Englishman.

The real disgraced peer vanished 33 years ago and has sparked interest ever since, with rumoured sightings occurring almost every year. He’s alleged to have been living in South Africa, Kenya, Australia and New Zealand, from what I can remember, but none of these have ever been confirmed.

I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that the story was believed and managed to be front-page news of The Evening Standard, or the fact that people still think Lord Lucan is still alive. Talk about the silly season.
Reports that Lucan was riding Shergar and while Elvis rode pillion at the same time have yet to be substantiated!

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