Bland of plenty

Spag bolWe experienced the wonders of Bromley this afternoon, doing some essential shopping and decided to have lunch in the soulless centre…

We alighted on a place where we had eaten before and they offered us a kids’ menu for A. We plumped for spaghetti bolognese, given that A loves pasta.

When it turned up, she gobbled down the spaghetti, but left the sauce, no matter how hard we tried.

Frustrated, I decided to try the meat sauce and was appalled. It was the most bland, unappetising plate of slop I had tasted in a long time.

I couldn’t believe that it was being served to anyone, let alone kids.

My theory is that because only kids are going to eat it, the restaurant assumes they can serve food that doesn’t taste great, which is a total insult.

Children should be granted the same standards as adults… the blander the food they’re given, the less likely they are to grow up enjoying good food and they’ll want to stuff their faces with tasteless food from the likes of McDonalds.

I know we’re lucky because A loves strong tastes, such as anchovy, olives and pesto, but that’s only because we’ve tried them on her.

All I can say is that if this sort of food is being served around the country to thousands, any hundreds of thousands of kids, I fear for the state of cuisine in the UK!

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