The Bible goes mobile – errr, why?

The BibleSo the Bible is now available to download direct to your mobile phone, with the launch of some enterprising new service.

Aside from the fact that it must be morally wrong to make money out of God (which is why televangelists are sooo bad), I’m not sure I understand the point of this.

I see a lot of people travelling on public transport flicking through their own personal copy of the Good Book, silently offering up a prayer and gaining inspiration from the words of Ezekiel, or whoever.

And that’s my point. Most people have their own pocket-sized copy already. They can flick through it till they get to their favourite passage and know that it’s already there. Why pay money to download it to a phone that they’re likely to upgrade in 12 months time?

I may not believe in God, but even I know that a Bible is for life and not just for a Christmas present.

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