Why the London Evening Standard is rarer than hen’s teeth

I leave the office at 6pm every evening and walk about 10 minutes down
Victoria Street to Victoria train station.

Not a long walk, but a fairly busy one. Since the Standard went free,
it’s almost impossible to find a copy until I get to the station,
where I have to scrabble in one of the Metro bins and avoid being
knocked down by a horde of other busy commuters.

I find it hard to understand why it’s more difficult to find a copy of
the Standard now it’s gone free and there are apparently more copies
out there.

It’s easier to pick up a copy of the Big Issue.

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2 thoughts on “Why the London Evening Standard is rarer than hen’s teeth”

  1. I think the answer to your question is partly to do with savings on distribution costs that result from its being free.

    But the savings mean distribution is spottier. It’s easy to get the paper around lunchtime. However, supply dries up and the restocking is less than perfect.

    Maybe teething problems rather a lasting issue?

  2. I’m sure that’s true. I never want to pick up the Standard at lunchtime, though, in case there has been a later update.

    The restocking issue is definitely an issue, though. I came home earlier than normal tonight and no problem whatsoever. Typical!

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