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Our local council has recently introduced kitchen waste recycling, which I was most pleased about.

This means we no longer have the excuse not to recycle the peelings, teabags, leftovers, etc, on the grounds that ‘it encourages worms’, as my dearly beloved has a nematode phobia.

The thing is, my street is a fairly neighbourly one. Many residents have lived here for years and most people are generally on nodding terms with each other.

So, why do some of them flatly refuse to recycle. I can understand why people don’t choose to stop their foreign holidays. I get why many eco-lightbulbs are reviled, because their glow is pretty rubbish. I just don’t know why recycling is still so difficult.

Yes, it’s up to big governments to push forward with reducing targets, but it’s also up us, the little person, the individual to do our bit.

The threat to the globe is real. And we all need to do something… NOW!

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