Sex And The City: The Movie – why?

Sex and the CityThere have been numerous pictures taken on the set of the new Sex & The City movie (SATC from hereon in).

There has been a lot of hype built up around the film already and it won’t be out for a good while yet.

Now, when SATC was showing in its prime it was one of the hottest TV shows going. Sure, it didn’t pull in the numbers of EastEnders or Corrie in the UK, but the specific 18-34 market was hooked.

I mean, two of my ex-workmates actually used to text each other while it was on to marvel at the outfits the cast members, and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, wore.

We even had a phrase (possibly slightly uncharitable) to describe Ms Parker – “man-faced tit stand”.

But this was five years ago. The series kinda jumped the shark before it finished anyway. We’d lost interest in whether Carrie ended up with Mr Big. Samantha’s sexual antics had become waaaayyy too silly. Miranda never got any good storylines and Charlotte’s life was just ridiculous.

So do they really expect people (and specifically women) to be interested enough that they’ll want to see the movie?

Clearly, yes. But something tells me it’ll be a total train wreck. The series dealt with life for NY 30-something women – not only will the characters have moved on, but so have the actors.

I will happily eat a slice of humble pie, if it’s a roaring success, but I’m betting it will be pretty ropey.

One thought on “Sex And The City: The Movie – why?”

  1. Well, I’m enjoying the pictures. Mainly because SJP looks skinny and awful – those wedding pix make her look like three pounds of raw chicken quarters stuffed into a meringue nest. Miranda looks stunning!

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