Pointless drawing?

It’s been almost impossible not to keep up with the Madeleine McCann abduction case, given that nearly every newspaper seems to have some sort of new story connected to the investigation every day.

However, today’s release of a drawing believed to be the abductor is possibly the most ridiculous yet.

The drawing was produced by an FBI-trained forensic artist (how did he get involved?) and depicts a man that one of the McCanns’ friends saw around the time of the abduction.

Leaving aside the obvious question of why it’s taken so long to get this done and released, I have to question how helpful it’s going to be to the investigation. It could be absolutely any dark-haired man of average height, it’s so vague. In fact, if I put a bit of gel in my hair, it could be me.

I always used to chuckle at fotofit images released by the police that looked nothing like anyone on earth. This is surely 10, if not 100 times worse.

2 thoughts on “Pointless drawing?”

  1. Yes, it’s cobblers of the first order! And if it’s what the abductor looked like, why wasn’t a picture released six months ago when the girl was taken?

  2. My point exactly. What made me laugh was that the Portuguese police have “tacitly agreed” to the release of the drawing. How shit?!

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