The wonders of Garlik!

GarlicNo, it isn’t a typo. I’m actually extolling the virtues of a relatively new start-up, called Garlik.

It’s basically an online version of Experian or Equifax, in that it does a report on you and where data about you is available online. Oh, and it runs a credit check, too.

It’s been set up by people behind and firstdirect, so it has a pretty good pedigree. I’ve been using it now for a good few months and have been mightily impressed.

You give it a few basic details about yourself and then it sweeps the world wide web and reports back on where you might be featuring online, giving a risk assessment of how much is out there about you.

Sounds fairly simple, I grant you, but for those of out there who use the internet a lot, it’s quite scary to see how much you’re visible online.

Fortunately, many of the Rob Mansfields in the world aren’t always me online and my online moniker which I use to sign up with doesn’t give much away.

Which leads me onto something else I did recently online. We’ve all Googled ourselves (come on, you know you have), but I did a Google image search the other day to check if my face was anywhere.

Thank goodness it’s not. My avatar is out there, but genuine photographic representations are almost non-existent. Something I’m very happy about!

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