First album/movie/novel syndrome

I listened to Terence Trent D’Arby’s first album on the way to work the other morning and two things struck me.

First, that it’s hardly dated at all – his voice still sounds so fresh and the music is, let’s face it, pretty darned good.

Second, though, and that’s the pressure that people such as Mr D’Arby must feel, once they produce a ‘hit’ with their first release.

I know Terence was a bit of an egomaniac, but nothing he did afterwards ever quite hit the same heights – Neither Fish Nor Flesh got totally panned and he never quite recovered.

He’s not the first and doubtless won’t be the last in the ‘entertainment’ profession.

Take Donna Tartt, for example. The Secret History was such a huge success and widely acclaimed and it took her more than a decade to follow it up with the Little Friend, which didn’t quite get the same reviews.

Movie-makers are no different. Many acclaimed directors have shown early promise, but come to nothing. Guy Ritchie is a classic example – someone who was thought to be capable of great things, but soon became exposed as a one-trick pony.

All power to these people for making their name in the first place, but it must suck not to be able to reach those peaks again.

On that note, though, enjoy this live recording of the venerable Mr D’Arby, who now goes under the name Sananda Maitreya, from way back when.

3 thoughts on “First album/movie/novel syndrome”

  1. Hmm, I don’t know that one.

    I have a pathological hatred of Desiree after listening to some woman ‘murder’ Life at a karaoke night some years ago. Perhaps I should reprieve her…

  2. I was never too fussed about Desiree to be honest, but her voice works really well with Terence Trent D’Arby’s. I bought Delicate on iTunes after reading your post, and have been listening to it ever since. Smoooooooth!

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