‘Ullo John…’ what are you on about?

Fresh evidence that I am getting old, when this morning in the office, someone said ‘Ullo…’ Naturally, I added ‘…John, gotta new motor?’ and was met with baffled looks all round.

‘You don’t know the song?’ I asked incredulously.
‘No,’ came the reply from pretty much everyone, even the other 30-somethings on the team.

Amazingly, though, V admitted that she knew it because she’s a big fan of The Young Ones and loves Alexei Sayle. V is 24! She wasn’t even born when the accompanying clip was recorded!

Possibly even more sad to relate is that A only recognised the song, when I reframed it and told her it was used to sell TVs a few years later: ‘Ullo Tosh, Gotta Toshiba?’

Anyway, enjoy this clip from way back in 1982 of Alexei Sayle on OTT. You’d never know he was a Scouser, if this was your only evidence!

2 thoughts on “‘Ullo John…’ what are you on about?”

  1. My empathies and sympathies, Rob. I find myself increasingly having to explain cultural references like this to people I work with or am friendly with. I don’t know who feels worse – me, for feeling ever older, or them, for making me feeling ever older.

    I can even remember people at school using the “‘Ello, John” line on me…

    On the bright side, you’re two years younger than me. There, better.

  2. Sympathies gratefully received!

    Mind you, walking to the station last night with my (younger) boss, she expressed her surprise on discovering that I was as old as I am.

    Obviously (yeah, right) she meant it because I look 25, but I can’t help feeling it’s because I’m unbelieveably puerile!

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