Brian Wilde – how old was he?

Brian Wilde - how old?

Last Of The Summer Wine star Brian Wilde has died, meaning another great British comedy actor has flown the nest.

The Guardian reported the story, but seemed slightly unsure how old he was – if you look at the grab taken from the MediaGuardian TV homepage on Easter Sunday, you can see that there were obviously two warring factions in the subs department.

One report said that he was 80, when he died peacefully on Thursday.

But if you look at the picture story on the top left, he apparently aged 6 years overnight, leaving the earth at 86 years of age.

However, when you clicked on the updated story, complete with picture this time (why have they replicated the same article?) maintained that he was still 80.

Just in case you are in any doubt, Brian Wilde was born in June 1927 and was definitely 80. Sad to see him go.

An update: It seems that there was considerable confusion as to Brian Wilde’s date of birth. had it down as 1 June 1921 and is probably where the confusion arose.

However, this site’s information is provided by users and not any specific authority, so it proves you should believe what you read on the Internet!

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