Yazoo are back!

I was very happy to hear that top 80s-pop combo Yazoo are reforming. Almost 30 years after Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet first got together, the pair are going to tour the UK in June.

Now, I’m very happy about this, as Upstairs At Eric’s is a cracking album and I thought they wrote some great music.

My one slight irritation is the price of the tickets for the tour.

The pair had immense success after they went their separate ways, Vince with Erasure and Alison as a solo artist, but they’re clearly back to make a quick buck, if you ask me.

Tickets cost £45 each – and that’s before any touts snap them up. Given that Yazoo only produced two albums, it’s a bit much to ask that much, whatever the nostalgia factor.

Anyway, if you need any reminding of how good they were, have a listen to Don’t Go – one of their finest tracks!

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