The view from the provinces

BoxesC’s mum has been down for a few days and gave me an insight into life in places such as Shrewsbury.

She’d made a special visit to this posh chocolate shop, to buy something for C’s birthday and was greeted by a ‘Back in 5 minutes’ sign on the door.

Given that she’d made the trip especially, C’s mum happily waited the couple of minutes for the owner to return and re-open the shop.

Shopowner: I’m sorry… we’re in a bit of chaos at the moment, because we’re in the middle of relocating.

C’s mum: That’s OK, I was happy to wait. So, where are you moving to?

Shopowner: Oh, I can’t tell you that, it’s a secret

… now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it help to tell any prospective future customers where you’re moving to, if you’re relocating.

Maybe it’s just a Shropshire thing!

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