What’s George Bush doing til January?

DubyaGeorge Bush must feel a little like someone who has resigned from their job, but is being made to work out their notice period.

No-one cares about the person who’s leaving any more. All they’re interested in is what the replacement can bring to the job. He keeps swanning in for meetings and being greeted like an old friend, even though he’s only been around for a few minutes.

Meanwhile Dubya gets to keep his desk for a few more months, but people will begin to stop inviting him to meetings.

Do you think he’ll start to spend more time on Facebook or playing Halo 3?

Perhaps he’ll take extended lunchbreaks and go to the pub for a couple of beers. After all, who cares if you come back from Nandos smelling of piri-piri chicken and a little tipsy after a couple extra San Miguels.

And surely he must wake up some mornings now and think, ‘oh fuck it, I’m not going in today’.

Maybe he’s starting to ransack the stationery cupboard and hoard a couple of staplers, lever arch files and biros.

If I was him, I’d also be saving important information onto disc that he could take with me. A few codes for the nuclear arsenal, passwords to get into the FBI database… that sort of thing. No-one’ll notice will they?

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