Why should Gordon Brown be exciting?

In case you’ve missed it, and you wouldn’t be alone in dozing off, Gordon Brown is currently in America glad-handing Dubya and all three of the potential next Presidents of the United States, ie Obama, Hillary and the one who’s part of the chip company.

Now, I think we’re all agreed on the fact Gordy isn’t Tony Blair. He’s cut from a different cloth and, let’s fact it, is in politics to do good for people, rather than get his face in the newspapers and on TV.

The thing is, for all the carping that goes on, you’d think that Gordon Brown should actually be pretending to host Strictly Come Dancing, rather than run the country.

Labour peer Lord Desai (who?) has attacked the current Prime Minister thus:

“Blair was like champagne and caviar. Brown is more like porridge or haggis. He is solid, very nourishing but not exciting.”

Apart from the fact that he’s stretched that metaphor to its very limits, it also begs the question why should Gordon Brown be “exciting”?

He’s looking after the country, not a flipping theme park.

It simply proves that most people think we need a leader who acts in the style of Richard Branson, rather than one who actually knows what he’s doing.

I’m sure you’re not bothered, Gordon, but you’re doing fine from where I’m sitting!

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