Vote… but not for Boris!

Ken LivingstoneToday is election day and for those people who don’t live in London, it’s to vote for a new mayor.

Altogether there are 10 candidates, but it’s effectively developed into a two-horse race between the current mayor, Ken Livingstone and bumbling Boris Johnson.

The unthinkable looks as if it could well happen, because Boris Johnson is in the lead and highly likely to win.

And that frightens me… a lot. How are people taken in by him?

His slightly daffy schtick is wearing really thin. Anyone who has reached the position and status that he has doesn’t get there by being thick.

Ken, on the other hand, was born in London and has spent his entire life trying to make life better for those who live there.

Maybe he’s made mistakes, but then so has everyone, and I seriously can’t see how Boris could be any better as a candidate.

And even if you don’t want to vote for Ken as first preference, pick him as your second preference.

And, for god’s sake, please don’t vote Boris!

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