Is Gok Wan on the way down?

Gok WanGok Wan, currently more ubiquitous than a toff at a Tory Party conference, was back on TV last night with his latest foray into making women and himself feel better about themselves, Miss Naked Beauty 2008.

He always seems like a fairly OK bloke, but my god isn’t he everywhere all of a sudden? No sooner has Gok’s Fashion Fix finished than this latest show hits the screens.

And inevitably to publicise his show, he’s been interviewed everywhere. In fact, he’s now been featured in the Guardian and Observer, which is proof positive that his star is waning!

He’s also regularly dispensing fashion and beauty advice in a host of women’s magazines at the moment. In fact, wherever you turn, bloody Gok is there.

I guess as a bloke I don’t quite get the ‘you go, girlfriend’ thing he’s got going on, but it starts to grate after a while.

I also don’t care that he used be 21 stone – well done for losing the weight, but don’t keep telling us all the time. It’s almost as bad as when fat people tell you that they ‘used to be slim’.

My final irritation about Miss Naked Beauty was the sanctimony of the people involved. If Gok and Myleene are so into looking natural, why don’t they go in front of the camera for the entire programme without any make-up?

Now that really would make it interesting viewing!

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