I’m a Celeb’s back… not as good as last year!

I’m A Celeb 2008So the latest line-up for I’m A Celeb has been announced and it has that familiar feel about it. The ‘feel’ being – oh, god what a load of rubbish.

Lots of random young ‘stars’ who most people have never heard of – Nicola McLean, anyone? Boring popstars/soapstars who are desperate to revive their career now they’re no longer a part of what made them famous – Simon Webbe from Blue and ex-EastEnder Joe Swash.

In fact, the most interesting people are the older contestants who might get a little more irritated and annoyed by everyone else: Esther Rantzen, Robert Kilroy Silk, Martina Navratilova and George Takei will surely dominate the action.

The thing is, though, if you think back to previous years, many of the contestants fit into a specific bracket:
– Weird American (David Gest, Angie Dickinson, Huggy Bear – Martina in 2008)
– Outspoken older woman (Christine Hamilton, Lynne Franks, Jan Leeming, Janet Street Porter – Esther in 2008)
– Slightly older attractive woman (Sheree Murphy, Cerys Matthews, Natalie Appleton – Dani Behr in 2008)
– Ex soap star (Elaine Lordan, Malandra Burrows, Dean Gaffney, Chris Bisson – Joe in 2008)
– The one that no-one remembers but they needed to make up the numbers (Diane Modahl, Nigel Benn, Faith Brown, Kimberley Davies – Carly this year)

I don’t really want to commit to watching it, but something tells me I’ll be hooked in 2 weeks time. Roll on Ant & Dec…

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