What’s in a (company) name?

Jack and Vera Duckworth

We’ve all read about Iceland going into meltdown, but This news story from last Sunday’s Observer amused me no end.

An Icelandic company called Arev is going down the tubes. Nothing particularly surprising about that during this time of recession, but what’s amusing is that Arev and its sister company Kcaj are named after Coronation Street veterans Jack and Vera (Duckworth).

To make it even more hilarious, a new company that was set up after the buy-out of Aspinal, the leather-goods brand, is called Yerrt – which just happens to be an anagram of Terry, the Duckworth’s wayward son.

Of course, there is a history of people using part of their name or initials to come up with the name of their company.

Famously Alan Sugar named Amstrad after standing Alan Michael Sugar TRADing.

Tesco is named after the two founding partners, TE Stockwell and Jack COhen.

Trebor Mints is, of course, the reversal of the first name of founder Robert Robertson.

However, Arev takes the biscuit. The Icelandics named their company after two people who they liked in a TV series originally shown in another country. A little nutso, dontcha think?

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